‘Never has such excitement been generated in a theatre. The whole audience hangs breathless’
— Manchester Evening News

The internationally acclaimed Chinese State Circus returns to the UK with a spectacular new production - DYNASTY.

30 world-class Chinese acrobats, aerial artistes, and jugglers interact with the super-human physical skills and dexterity of the masters of martial arts - the legendary Shaolin Warriors.

There's nonstop action from start to awesome finale as thrill follows thrill, and the seemingly impossible becomes a reality.

This latest production returns to the pure and honest perfection in acrobatics upon which their reputation is based, creating a show with no gimmicks, no fakes, no retakes, and quite simply the 'incomparable' Chinese State Circus.

‘The most honest, awe-inspiring and exhilarating circus it has ever been my privilege to see’
— London Evening Standard